Create-List, Create-List and Create-List Some More

This past winter and spring were kind of tough. Sadly and unexpectedly I lost my brother Mark in March; that was followed by the need to euthanize my beloved pooch TulsaLoo not long after. It all resulted in a bit of a creative lull, but I'm finally back in the right frame of mind to redouble my efforts at building up my Etsy and IMQ Store product offerings this fall. I've learned some new Photoshop tricks that have helped me streamline and standardize my process for creating listing images, which helped me to add ten new listings in July - including three new Back-to-School products. I did a number of Fall designs, a couple of which started out as SVGs, then I realized I could (digitally) paint them and also offer them as wall art - the Farm Fresh Pumpkins and Hello Fall designs are two examples of this. Two birds, one-and-a-half stones, yay! My shop is looking more cohesive and organized (while I still have a lot of work to do on that front), and I'm seeing the results on my Etsy stats page. I intend to keep that growing! Rah! Rah! Rah!

In the coming weeks I'll be adding a number of Halloween SVGs...and then the Holiday rush is on! My little hand-lettered Christmas rounds that make super cute and easy ornaments for Cricut crafters were a popular item last year, and I'll be offering many new sets this year - themes of Cozy Comforts, Holiday To-Do List, Tasty Treats and more are in the pipeline. These are so fun to create, and I can do it while sitting in my recliner, which of course is a big plus. haha. I'm also working on designs more suited to t-shirts, door hangers, mugs and more, and some printable holiday wall art will be in the mix too.

The other area where I've been devoting a lot of time lately is in learning and practicing hand-lettering and layouts. I invested in some tutorials from the amazing artists at Shoutbam, and I've learned so much and gotten really excited about creating more complex and interesting lettering pieces. My first such project is a Daniel Boone quote that I think will appeal to my Kentucky friends, so keep an eye out for that!

In addition to creative pursuits, I'm determined to get on a regular monthly (at least) schedule of Freebie offerings, and...yes, I WILL increase my presence on social media. Not my strong suit, there, admittedly, as an introvert and lover of privacy, but it must be done, so it will be done. Right? Right! rah, rah rah.

Wish me luck.

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