Merry Hallmark Moviemas!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

(This post was originally published on an earlier blog in 2019.)

Summer is over! It’s officially autumn! And we all know what that means, don’t we?! (You think I’m about to say “time to take up our swords and resume the righteous battle against Pumpkin Spice world domination,” don’t you? That is actually an excellent guess, but nope!)

The coming of autumn means that for the next approximately 99 days, you can indulge your guilty pleasure in cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies at any hour of the day or night!

…Wait, back that up… It has come to my attention that cheesy holiday movies are now so popular that they are broadcast year-round, so technically, you can stream them while sweltering at your daughter’s softball game in July if you like.

But practically, it is only after the temperatures drop a bit and Christmas begins to strong-arm Halloween out of the really prime retail spaces that you can protect and defend your right to soak your sap-loving self in sentimentality and sweet, seasonal, substance-less schlock.

Time was, I would have added “sheepishly” to that sentence. But no more! it’s 2019, and we are a more advanced society. Hallmark Christmas Movie Watchers (hereafter HCMWs) have come out of the closet loud and proud, embracing their true selves. No longer do HCMWs have to set the DVR and wait to watch in the wee hours when no one will see (lest our affinity for these lighthearted diversions be mistaken for high regard for their quality or depth). No no no. We all know this is confection, not nutrition. We all know there are more productive or meaningful or charitable ways we could - probably should - be spending these hours. We all know what we’re doing - - and WE. DO. NOT. CARE. We are doctors and lawyers, farm wives and fisherwomen, stay-at-home moms and ladder-climbing executives. We are smart and…not-so-smart, whimsical and logical, soft-hearted and hard-nosed.

We are also, apparently, legion, as evidenced by the Hallmark Channel’s historically great ratings, the robust Christmas Movie competition ramped up by Lifetime, and the fact that some of these movies now feature C- and even B-list actors sprinkled amongst the requisite child stars now all-grown-up.

Given all that, I say, “HCMWs, UNITE!” Now that the secret is out, why not get your crew together for some pre-holiday festivities and host a Hallmark Christmas Movie Watch Party? Choose an old favorite or pick a night when one of the 2021 movies debuts, invite your friends to come wearing their PJs, spice some cider, break out the Bailey’s and hot chocolate if that's your thing (plenty of whipped cream, please), pop some corn, string some lights, and of course, plan for a cutthroat game of Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo, you say? Why yes, using the fun set of Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo cards I’ve created. With over 90 different squares randomly scattered over 20 different cards, you and your friends will watch with bated breath to see if you can place a marker on “child makes a non-material wish to Santa” or “current boyfriend pays an unexpected visit.” Will the big-city girl’s small town be in danger of having to cancel a traditional Christmas event? Does the male romantic lead’s occupation involve working with wood or animals?

BINGO!!! YOU WIN! Hell, we ALL win, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year for HCMWs.

P.S. True story: Our last game hinged on whether or not three people walking down the street carrying candles constitutes a "Christmas Parade." It was quite the dispute. haha

Download a free sample card here, and if you decide to share the joy, purchase the whole set in your choice of designs, both physical or digital.

And… (softly, jingle bells ring and snow begins to fall as we fade to black…)

Merry Moviemas!

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