In Learning: Or, How I Learned to Love Illustrator (for free)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I first encountered the InLearning library back when it was, before it was acquired by LinkedIn . My then-employer offered seats on a temporary basis to employees interested in adding to their design skillset, and I eagerly signed up for the month. Once I was in I was thrilled to discover loads and loads of tutorials and classes in almost every conceivable area of design, including lessons on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as graphic design theory, typography,’s a true treasure trove of information. And of course LinkedIn doesn't offer only courses in creative subjects; there are also many useful classes on entrepreneurship, personal development, etc.

You might be saying “well, I can find all that on YouTube.” Maybe...but InLearning has a big advantage in being curated so that every video is high quality with expert instructors; you don’t have to weed through any crap to find the gold. It’s also comprehensive; you can sign up for complete Essentials, Intermediate, or Advanced courses that are well-organized and thorough; or you can pick and choose to find just the skill you need to learn today. Exercise files are included so that you can easily work along with the instructor; you can take notes, create your own learning paths and set weekly goals; you can even attain CEU Certificates for completing some courses.

At the time I found InLearning,, I was struggling a bit with Illustrator, which I found to have a bit of a steep learning curve. I signed up for an Illustrator Essentials course taught by Deke McClelland (who, fair warning, just loves a good dad joke), and learned so much so fast that Illustrator quickly became my favorite design app by far.


But what if your employer doesn’t offer access and you don’t want to shell out $19.99 a month for membership? Well, I discovered a little secret one day when I happened to be on my public library’s website and the InLearning logo caught my eye. Sure enough, my library offers free, full access to anyone with a library card. Many other libraries do the same, and if yours doesn’t, it might be possible to get access through a “sister library” program. I promise you, it is absolutely worth checking out. And if you don’t have a library, sorry, but why the hell not? Between Libby (the e-book app) and LinkedIn, my library has provided me with thousands of hours of free learning and entertainment, even though I rarely ever set foot through the door. How can you not like free stuff?

Have you tried InLearning? How did you like it? What were your favorite courses? Leave a comment and let me know!

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