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Updated: Aug 11

I aspire to do that, and although I'm not sure I succeed, there's really no excuse not to considering the enormous wealth of information offered up by artists and designers all over the internet.

One of those, whom I only recently discovered, is Genevieve of Genevieve's Design Studio. I do not know Genevieve's last name and I can only assume that's because she's reached that rockstar status of a professional who can get by with using only one name. She is a prolific YouTuber, and her channel is packed full of Procreate tutorials, teaching everything from How to Cartoon Yourself to All About Blending Modes. She is a children's book illustrator so there are a lot of lessons on painting cute characters and animals; maybe that's why it took me so long to find her, since those aren't really my thing. But when I discovered her 30 Days of Digital Art series (there are two), where she teaches techniques for painting particular surfaces and textures, I was hooked. she also offers really helpful tips on

Procreate in general, including a tutorial on how to set up and organize your files - complete with downloadable cover images - that helped me to finally tame my Procreate gallery, which previously looked like...well, like my office. (That's not a good thing).

Genevieve is a great teacher - the kind I like anyway, who assumes you have some brains and some experience, but no so much that she glosses over things you might not know. She's thorough without going too far into the weeds. She's also cute but not overwhelmingly so, and has a charming French accent, which is nice when you're going to be listening to someone for lengthy tutorials. She also has a self-deprecating way that is quite unnecessary but pleasant for someone with this much talent. I haven't yet purchased any of her Procreate brush sets, but they are on my wish list and I will reward myself with one of them one of these days. I have no doubt their quality will match that of everything else I've seen her do. Which reminds me, another thing I appreciate about her tutorials is that when she uses her own brushes, she always offers an alternative using the Procreate default brushes so you can get similar results even if you're not ready to buy her brush sets. Nice.

So...if you are a Procreate user, definitely check out her stuff, and let me know in comments what you learned!

PS: I debated whether to include the painting of my dog I did right after watching her How to Paint Fur tutorial. The fact that it was a learning experience definitely shows. But that's all a part of the process, so...why not? Here's TulsaLoo, who sadly I had to say goodbye to a few months ago, but who lives on in my heart and in my memory. Maybe someday I'll give this another try but for now, I'm sufficiently happy with it for a first try!

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