The Wheel of Time: The Wait is Almost Over

Thank the Light!

I was a fan of Robert Jordan’s best-selling epic The Wheel of Time series long before Randland was ever a flicker of a flame in Amazon Prime’s eye. I first read The Eye of the World the year before Bill Clinton was sworn in as president; I bought my first computer - a spiffy Mac Performa 550 with a 160MB hard drive - with the express purpose of hopping on a dial-up internet connection to read and write to the Usenet rec.arts.sf.written.robert.jordan forums. My hardcover copies of the first seven books in the series have personalized RJ autographs from book signings. And I started reading the series to my son Alex as an 8 year old; he is is turning 35 this year. So yeah, I’m a longtime fan. (Also, obviously, I’m older than dirt).

So. . . you think your wait for Amazon’s upcoming TV series was long? Blood and bloody ashes, I’ve been hoping for and finally anticipating a visual interpretation of these books for nigh on TWENTY-NINE YEARS. Um, strike that. Confession time: my enthusiasm did wane a bit around the period known as The Slog; as a matter of fact, I completely gave up on the series for several years and cynically decided that RJ was milking the cash cow before he had to finally kill it. (Call me Judgey McJudgerton). Only Alex’s enthusiasm for how Brandon Sanderson heroically wrapped it all up got me to pick it up again. And when I did, oh boy, I tore through all 14 books in record time and completely and sheepishly renounced my previous heresy. And didn’t notice the slog at all. (Except for Elayne’s succession plot line, which, sorry, still....zzzzzzzzz).

Anyway, I acquired a new iPad and Procreate around the time I moved into a new home and wanted some art for the little library corner of my room, and decided to try my hand at hand-lettering. I initially was just going to include the main WoT characters in this piece, but I could never decide who made the cut; consequently it kept growing and growing until my file naming convention went from “Randland” to “primary characters” to “secondary characters” to “tertiary characters” to “quad-level” characters to “Level 5, 6 and 7” characters because that was as far as I knew how to make numbers into adjectives. With my blank wall still staring at me a year later, I finally acknowledged it was time to call a halt, imperfect as it was and is, and call the thing done. Final count: 216 character names. And here it is at last.

I write all this to assure any WoT fans who might be visiting that I am not Johnny-come-lately hoping to cash in on the new series. Perish the thought. No, I am a longtime and rabid fan hoping to cash in on the new series. hahaha. Seriously though, I make my living as a designer, and really do hope members of the amazing WoT community might enjoy having this on their walls, too.

Speaking of that community…I'm not very active on social media because I find it next to impossible to be succinct and snappy in writing . . . but I lurk on Twitter and consume a lot of WoT podcasts and YouTubes. So shout out to all WoT content creators…you are awesome and appreciated by more people than you know. In thanks to the WoT community, I'm offering a coupon code for a FREE digital download of my Wheel of Time Wall art up through November 18. Just click the "BUY NOW" button below and where prompted, add the promo code IMQLOVESWOT. No credit card required; your download will be completely free!

I’m so stoked to watch Rafe Judkins’ new telling of the Wheel on Amazon Prime when it premieres on November 19 - not only for the show, which from all indications should be riveting, but because I have missed the watch parties I had with my son, daughter, and their spouses throughout Game of Thrones. Once again we will get together to watch, taking turns hosting and cooking fantastic dinners, followed by a dessert of a shiny new episode - this time, of Wheel of Time. I can’t wait.

Well, that’s not really true, is it? I can. And did.

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